About Us

The story of “Scrybelex” is given in The Scrybelex Story blog – But we are so proud of our tale, we cannot help but re-sound it here! Afterall, we are lawyers-turned storytellers. Or storytellers who are still, for all intents and purposes, lawyers.

The Scrybelex journey started when we made a most innovative discovery: Though there is an abundance of writers in the market offering their scribbling services to individuals and businesses – There are very few writers who can truly write.

Of course, this is not intended to be an unfair generalization. Nor is it meant to sound like we are better than anyone else out there who is touting a writing service (Actually – Heck, yeah. We are saying that we are the best). Give or take the typical spelling bee errors that are rectified once discovered, we are “normal” writers who take the art several notches further through our process of idea generation, development, and delivery for our clients.

In essence, we bring together the intellect of legal writing with the art of creative or business writing!

It is the marriage between the scribe, which we spell as “scrybe” (the writer); and the lawyer (known as “lex” in Latin).

Scrybelex was born out of these two combinations of ideas – Today, we are a registered trademark and delivering the intellectual art of writing to our clients!

Our brand can also be found with our subsidiary companies.

Writing for You- Omega Inscribe Scripts & Writing Company

Our writing company subsidiary has delivered over the past months of the current year:

  • More 1.5 million words written
  • 95 books and other content; and
  • 5-Star reviews over the year.

Omega Inscribe writers provide a variety of writing services: Creative or novel writing, blogs, copywriting for business adverts, and screenwriting. The webpage can be accessed here to discover more about the Inscribe story.

Protecting Your Writings and Ideas – Omega Sage Legal, LLP

Our lawyers are housed at Omega Sage Legal – A Washington Partnership that has been delivering trademark and copyright registration services. Yes, they are part of our writing crew, as legal research is under their purview. To be clear, our writers are also lawyers. You get the best of both worlds – Writers delivering content for you – And watching out for the intellectual, and legal concerns that are needed for your work to be complete!

Scrybe + Lex: Your Friendly, Neighborhood Lawyer-Writers

We thought that registering our brand as a trademark was necessary to demonstrate how serious we are about idea protection – We are proud to have a quirky name with a unique identity!