Cross Border Dating

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One of the first examples of cross border relationships that I can think of was between a man called Isaac and his soon-to-be-wife, Rebecca.

This happened about, oh, 6,000 years ago, give or take?

The story goes that the man Isaac had a concerned Dad who did not want him to marry just any girl. Therefore, his father, Abrham, sent his chief servant across a border or two in a quest to find a wife for Isaac. It was a successful venture – Isaac and Rebecca got hitched, and the rest was history.

This book is sort of like that – Well, except for the paternal intervention.

Cross Border Dating is, admittedly, one of the books minted from the writer’s factory right here at Scrybelex. An eager writer gave a stab at it, being a first assignment, and we think she’s got something.

It is focused upon a young, carefree doctor, Lexa Barclay, who loved her bottle but was not so sure if she loved her boyfriend-now-turned fiancee. In a sudden rush of cold feet, she jumped in her car and fled on a driving expedition to clear her head about what she did or did not want in a hitch-up – And ended up driving a little longer than intended, crossing over the U.S. Canada border into the Canadian province of British Columbia.

This was when the story really began. Having a bottle of wine for company in the passenger seat, and the winter roads before her, Lexa did what any intellectually sober doctor should not be doing: She drove and drank. Of course, we know how that sometimes ends – She landed her flashy Mustang in a ditch and could have frozen her beautiful behind to oblivion if not for the Canadian trucker that happened upon that lonely road on that cold, wet December night.

Seth MacAllen did not suffer fools lightly. He seemed like a holier-than-thou picture perfect man, as his disdain for all things Lexa did was not lost on her – and the reader. He did not like her – But he could not kick her out of his home where she was taking shelter from a pre-winter blizzard that came upon them after he rescued her. Kicking her out would be – well, ungodly. And Seth believed in God. So he endured.

Until Lexa proved herself to be the fiesty femme-fatale that she had always been. She invited herself on a trip with him where he was delivering food to locals in the neighboring village of Liberty. She figured she would keep him company while he took care of his menial job.

The trip revealed a lot of secrets about her – and even greater secrets about him – that no girl should be allowed to handle.

For instance – How could Seth know the contents of her heart when she had never whispered it to a single soul before?

The mystery thickened. The book climaxes at a point when Lexa realizes Seth’s secret – No, it was not just a coincidence that he knew the things she was thinking before she even uttered them.

He had the power to read her heart.

Lexa began to learn things she did not realize were possible. For instance did the God of the Bible really give certain people the ability to read hearts? There was a place or two in the Bible where this was mentioned of certain people, and Lexa could barely recall the details from her Sunday School lessons in her growing up years.

How could it be?

Most essentially – How could she begin to deal with her own heart, and insecurities, and pain, now that she had met a man who made her want to become someone new?

Cross Border Dating has more juicy details to dish out, but this about sums up what the reader needs to know for some insight. Cross Border Dating can be viewed or purchased on Amazon or Smashwords.

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