Our Lawyers

Lawyers who love to write – This is the summary of who we are at Scrybelex.

You may have heard the concept before – Many individuals attend law school because of their love for writing. Afterall, one of the primary skills of being a lawyer is the requirement to write legal memoranda – and write it in a manner that can win arguments before courts of law; or at the very least, support your client’s case.

This is the innovation that we deliver at Scrybelex – We are writing content for our clients as lawyers who are making a case for our clients’ content. This is especially useful for our business clients who require blogs, website content, screenwriting/movie writing scripts or copy ads to make an argument for why potential clients – or current clients – should choose or continue to choose their brand.

For our non-business clientelle, the solution is just as easy – We deliver content in the form of creative writing (novels, short stories), personal blogs, and any other individually-driven need to write out an idea!

Most typically, we do not forget that we are lawyers – Thus, we deliver lawyering services when needed. Do you need a trademark registration for your idea? or perhaps, you require representation in a trademark or copyright case? We provide literary lawyer services for our clients who want to hit the big publishing shelves and who desire to work with the big-5 publishing companies such as Harper Collins, MacMillan and others.

Visit our products page for a complete listing of what we deliver as lawyers at Scrybelex.

Or – Maybe you are ready to chat about a piece of content that you need to have written? Awesome!

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