Our Writers

Our writers (They play lawyers at some point or the other during the day) are zealously dedicated to the art of writing.

The dedication is evident in our production. As mentioned “About Us” we have delivered over 1.5 million words in the past year.

Our writing brand is represented by the Scrybelex subsidiary “Omega Inscribe” which can be viewed at its own website here.

We bring content creation to businesses and individuals who are seeking to hve one less thing to do on their already full plate.

Take your pick – What would you like written for you today? Select one of the options below and get started on a conversation with a lawyer-writer about how to get the job done for you.

Don’t worry – We love to chat, so don’t be shy to press the bell for service!


Creative writing (Novel, short story, etc)

Self-help or other business books

Screen play

Movie script

Copy advert

I am looking for another type of writing help