The Scrybelex Story

Scrybelex is a company of writers and lawyers.

We create content for our clients – Legally.

We “Immortalize Lives Through Storytelling™” by transforming untold stories you want to share with the world, business ideas, or lifestyle goals into written, actionable form.

In the Beginning

Scrybelex started as a pretty ordinary idea: Founder, Victoria Thomas, discovered she could spend a couple of hours a week, doing some independent writing projects such as blogs and short stories for anyone who needed it. As a Trademarks and Copyrights lawyer, time is not exactly an available commodity (which is the case for pretty much every adult out there, no matter their profession!).

However, the adrenaline from every writing project I have ever undertaken was more than enough persuasion to help make the decision – Let’s keep at it! This is fun! And so, it began – Supporting, writing and telling the stories of clients in a way that would make their tales come alive.

Books of Various Genre

Fast forward to several months later where I had written multiple blogs, movie scripts, business self-help books and non-fiction novels, it was exhilarating to hear someone’s feedback sent to my private box, about how their stories had come to life on the pages of a book – An intangible idea, previously written on the pages of their hearts, something they had been dreaming of telling the world – had now come to life.

How cool is that?

Could You Publish for Me, Please?

Clients return to inquire whether Scrybelex can offer publishing services for the books we write for them

Alas, we do not. Hats off to the big traditional publishers – The Harper Collins, MacMillan, Penguin – Hats off to the big publishing guys. We would rather work with our clients to help them achieve Big-5 publisher status by representing them as a literary lawyer-agent, as opposed to doing the publishing for them in-house at Scrybelex.

Birth of a Trademark

On December 10, 2020, the Scrybelex trademark was submitted with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. (Don’t be surprised that there is a trademark story embedded here – I am, afterall, a trademark lawyer). Thus – Scrybelex was born.

Who is Scrybelex?

It is a unique business name. I wanted an uncommon company that could provide exclusive services for my clients. The trademarked name Scrybelex was formed from two words or ideas:

Scrybe: This is a variation from the word “Scribe.” In ancient times (and perhaps today), scribes were writers. They immortalized the stories of people into scrolls or the pages of history books so that future generations could read – and create their own stories – through the ideas of humans who lived before them.

Lex: This is a Latin word. It means a system or book of laws.

Combining the two words, “Scrybe” and “Lex” led to the unique formation of the trademark: Scrybelex. It brings together what I do and who I am: A writer and a lawyer who immortalizes people’s stories through publishing.

  • Scrybelex is made up of writers who can create your idea into written content.
  • It has lawyers who are able to trademark or copyright your finished book product into a unique name, word or phrase that distinguishes you.
  • Most of all, we publish your book creations.

Who is a Scrybelex Client?

You may now wonder: Who is a Scrybelex client?

You are a business or an individual, seeking to immortalize your business or personal story by obtaining any one or all of the services we provide: Creating Content for You. Intellectual Property Protection. Literary Lawyer-Agent Representation.

Your story is waiting to be told. Shall we begin?